Simple, affordable websites

There are plenty of businesses that want to build their own website, but do not know how, have lack of knowledge, have no time to do that or they are too costly to order them. We offer at least 2x lower rates than other service providers.

If you are looking for web page development and you are not ready or not willing to pay 2’000 EUR or more for it, you are in the right place, as we charge starting from 100 EUR for a web page.

No matter if you are looking for one page lander for product (for example Nutra products) or complex web page with multiple languages, Contact us and we will give you a quote.

Type of websites that we offer

Individual websites

Individual websites are designed especially for the client based on its needs and functionality. The process is complicated, but usually takes up to two weeks from initial meeting to completed website. All individually built websites are unique and will represent 100% of what you are intended to show the rest of the world.

Web pages that are built based on samples

We have made sample pages for businesses that have lower budget and are willing to have a great Web page, but are not willing to pay for it 1000+ EUR.

Sample simple web page

Suitable for Hairdressers, Beauty salons, Barber shops, Clinics, car repair shops and all the other businesses that you can imagine.

Starting from €100

Sample web page with online shop

Suitable for any business that wants to have their web page and online shop at one place.

Starting from €250

All Sample pages are fully customizable and Client decides what he/she wants to change in original ones. Samples are provided only as a Sample, not how final product will look.